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Atlantic Boots No.209

Atlantic Boots No.209

Around town or on the highway, these are the boots for YOU.

The “shorter-smarter” Atlantic Boot is a D Lewis classic from the Ton-Up Boy era of the late ‘50s - early ‘60s.  Still craftsmen built to the same exacting standards, with a rich, pliant black leather upper that takes a high polish, and now with a hardened Goodyear welted sole. They’re strong and made to take kicks!

Visible on the outside are gold embossed Lewis Leathers logos, then take a look inside and you’ll immediately spot the ‘50s D Lewis label and our signature red leather facing.  Buckled straps across the foot and right around the shin (with unique strengthened strap guides) make the Atlantic fully adjustable for a real snug fit.  Please be aware this authentic vintage style may require a shoehorn (or a plastic bag) to help them on the first few times*, before they have been nicely broken in.

1957 Catalogue Illustration

Vintage Atlantic Boots

Just great for style and tops for comfort, the classic unlined Atlantic Boot is light and cool for when the weather is fine, but equipped with weather-sealed side gussets in case the heavens open. Excellent with two-piece suits, as well as slacks or jeans.  Made in the UK

●Sizes: UK 4 - UK 12 ●Height 9 inches / 23cm

Vintage racing type soles with Goodyear Welted system

*When pulling on for the first few times we suggest using a shoehorn, alternatively place a closed plastic bag into the boot, with the bottom of the bag reaching into the boot’s heel area and the top of the boot extending out over the boot opening.

Hold the top of the bag and boot with both hands, then slide your foot down the surface of the bag and into the boot, before carefully removing the bag.

This should only be necessary for the first few times, soon you’ll be pulling them on without any fuss.


Buckled Strap

Unique Strengthened Strap Guides


Front Adjuster Strap

Gold Lewis Leathers Logo

1950s D Lewis Replica Label

Atlantic Boots No.209

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