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Washed Denim Jeans - Slim Fit LLJ002

Washed Denim Jeans - Slim Fit LLJ002

Leather jackets and denim jeans have long been worn together and jeans first featured in our catalogues as long ago as 1958.

Just as with our jackets, we like to do something a bit special and these days our jeans are crafted in Japan by Mr Kuniyoshi.

Mr Kuniyoshi spent ten years making jeans at Kapital denim on the mainland before returning to his homeland of Okinawa eleven years ago, where he set up his company Double Volante.

1958 catalogue

Leather label


1960 catalogue

These denim jeans are made to our own specifications, each pair are entirely sewn by one pair of hands. The fabric we have chosen is very special, the finest 15oz, right hand twill, rope weave indigo denim, produced on 70-year-old machines in Okayama, Japan. The 15oz denim fabric is heavier than most jeans you will find and only 50 metres a day can be made.

The 15oz denim fabric is crafted in Okayama using indigo rope-dyed yarn which is then woven on 70-year-old machines with a daily maximum capacity of only 50 metres. The fabric is then cut to our patterns and sent to Mr Kuniyoshi for assembling at his workshop where he sews each pair himself, just as each of our leather jackets is made by a single machinist.

The logo's are applied at a small Okinawa embroidery shop which began decorating souvenir jackets for servicemen at the nearby US base during the Vietnam war. It was here, in 2013, that LL's Derek met Mr Kuniyoshi, the Jeans maker by chance. Mr Kuniyoshi recognised the jeans Derek was wearing and they got chatting, after, they visited Mr Kuniyoshi's nearby workshop where Derek was so impressed by the quality of his sewing and quality that we asked decided to make jeans together.

The Pocket bags feature a hand-embroidered Lewis Leathers logo

- Washing: These jeans have been washed, so are ready to wear.

- Subsequent washing: Fans of this rope-weave style of denim will know that wearing it for three to six months before the first wash will encourage unique and desirable fade characteristics. The dark indigo denim will then develop distinctive subtle shades of blue at points of stress and wear -a snapshot of the way you live your life, however, they can, of course, be washed before that.

- Prior to washing: we recommend closing the fly buttons and turning the jeans inside out and washing at a low temperature, never over 20C. This will help the fabric retain the dye for the longest period and produce the ultimate natural fade as your jeans age. Not only will they wear for a long time but they will look amazing too.

Lewis jeans after being worn every day for a full year. Double Volante workshop.

LLJ002 Jeans after three years wear

LLJ002 Front: New → After 3 years

LLJ002 Back: New → After 3 years


The 100% cotton thread holding the jeans together.

Front pockets feature a strip of leather.

Red stitched Selvedge.

Button Fly Detail (Please see focused photo above.)

Cyclone 441 in Veg-tan black cow, LLJ002 Jeans

LLJ002 Jeans back view, 178 Boots

Washed Denim Jeans - Slim Fit LLJ002

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