Regular fit Jacket Styles

No.385 Countryman (D Lewis Ltd range)
No.386 Lumber Jacket (D Lewis Ltd range)
No.392 Star Lightning
No.393 Plainsman
No.414 Roadmaster Mk1
No.414 Roadmaster Mk2
No.438 Monza
No.439 Europa
No.440 Bronx (Twin Track)
No.442 Racing jacket Mk2
No.443 Super Phantom
No.445 Super Monza
No.551 Dominator
No.60 Corsair
No.62 Black Arrow
No.641 Mudlarker (Wax cotton)
No.68 Super Sportsman
No.68S Striped Super Sportsman
No.69 Easy Rider
No.69 Sportsman
No.69 Striped Sportsman
No.988 Western Jacket
Donkey jacket
Iggy Pop Jacket
Sprint Shirt
Universal Racer Mk1
UVR Jodhpurs



ルイスレザーズジャパンが移転する事をご存知の方もいらっしゃると思いますが、 この度、ルイスレザーズジャパン初のオンリーショップを今月7月末に原宿に新しくオープンさせます。 詳細はこちらのブログでアップデートしていきます。





Dear Customer,

many of you must be wondering what is happening with Lewis Leathers Japan, well, we are very happy to tell you that we are in the process of moving to Harajuku and our shop will be opening very soon, so we ask you to keep checking back here for more information.

We are currently also working on a new website for Japan and UK and we hope this will be live in the next few weeks, there are plenty of things happening behind the scenes including new jacket models and more, thank you for taking the trouble of reading this and we will provide updates soon.

Sincerely Lewis Leathers Japan